Make a Splash… or Not

Nalagi Hotel’s rooftop pool sits up above lush greenery and is pleasantly aligned to the wonderful vistas of the Nadi Bay shoreline, creating a welcome escape from life’s normal hustle-bustle. Take a rejuvenating dip, relish a cocktail by the pool, or go horizontal and lounge about as you take your resting heartbeat down to near meditative levels… and that is how you ‘chill’ Fiji style.

What could be a better way to unwind and refresh than at the expansive rooftop pool? It’s stocked with necessary amenities, including fluffy towels, a sitting area, and an evolving menu of refreshments based on the season.

Cool shades and breathtaking views truly set the tone for relaxation.

The pool is open from 8 am to 8 pm for in-house guests and is a safe adventure for kids by the kiddie poolside. Yes, it does have fun-filled days for all.

Roof Pool