Enjoy Your Journey but Embrace Your Destination

The vision behind Nalagi was always crystal clear. Just head on up to our renowned provocative rooftop pool and lounge and point in any direction… and somewhere, not very far away, is a remarkable Fiji adventure, seductively calling out your name.

From the islands to the highlands there are always plenty of fun things to do in Nadi and we’re always available to assist you with tours, trips and great experiences.

Another great thing about Nalagi is that we have got you covered no matter what level of adventure you seek. So whether your desires involve high activity and heart pounding experiences or perhaps more subdued pleasures that might not take you much further than the north, south east and west vistas of our incredible rooftop, we will make sure you enjoy every single day.

We have listed below a number of activities that we are confident will have you returning home with warm memories of Fiji, guaranteed to last a lifetime lasting. There are countless more we can share, so don’t be shy. Tell us how you’re feeling and we’ll have you soon embarking on your next adventure.

There's Beauty in Culture

Culture and Traditions are a huge part of Fiji, here are some beautiful cultural activities.

The Fiji Way of Life

Vou dance group is one of the most well-known traditional dances in Fiji. They have spent years learning the traditional chants and dances such as ‘Meke’ that represent the uniqueness of the provinces.

Village Visits with Tours in Fiji

Visit one of the oldest preserved villages in Fiji, it has the true description of traditional and authentic Fijian living. Navala village still have their ‘Bure’ and the chief welcomes you by performing a ‘Kava’ ceremony.

Scenic Tours with Sigatoka Safari

Beautiful sights are all you’ll get to see with Sigatoka Safari, a unique remarkable experience when passing though several traditional villages and listening to all the folktales.

Fiji Travel Heritage and Cultural Tour

Visit the Fijian Village, Nakabuta, where traditional methods of pottery are still practiced. Discover and learn the traditional form of tapa printing with earth pigments.

Get Wet!

Here are some fantastic water-based activities

Big Bula Waterpark Denarau Fiji

Love splashing in the water or laying by the pool, big bula waterpark has those in store for you.

Big bula waterpark has giant water slides and provides a safe slide that’s fun-filled with exhilarating turns and twists.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is Fiji’s first 2-story floating platform which many renowned artists, musicians, explorers, and pleasure seekers visit to enjoy this enthralling adventure. It is surrounded by picturesque tortoise water with a fun, laid-back atmosphere.

Adrenalin Fiji

If you want a truly thrilling experience, Adrenalin Fiji has been in service since 2005 to fulfill adventurous desires. Parasailing is one of the most well-known activities for singles, couples or even groups, be harnessed and gently towed by the boat.

Coral Coast Divers Fiji

One of the most exciting and a one-of-a-kind activity leaving your heart pounding with the best feelings. With Coral Coast Drivers you get to dive and explore the ocean with the coolest guides

Shopping is Always a Good Idea

Fiji offers shopping experiences of all varieties… so whether you are a handicraft or art lover, a purveyor of fine elegant wears, a bargain hunter, or even someone who loves to hand touch all the funky Fiji varieties of fruit and veggies, there is a shopping trip that will satisfy your desires to spend happy dollars on happy days.

Here are some well-renowned shopping expeditions.

Nadi Market

Nadi market is the place to be when you want to try fresh local produce including delicious variety of fruits. At the Nadi market, you can even find fresh spices, meet and greet people and maybe learn a few Fijian words.


Handmade souvenirs whether it is art on a canvas or a wooden crafted product, you can never go wrong with it. Explore the Nadi handicrafts markets and discover the local living style.

Pacific Islands Artists Connection

Beautiful artwork that presents Fiji in many ways, the sunsets, the people, the friendliness and the bula smiles. Purchase one from a nearby handicraft market or have it delivered to you.

Pacific Islands Arts

Visit the Fijian Village, Nakabuta, where traditional methods of pottery are still practiced. Discover and learn the traditional form of tapa printing with earth pigments.

Hop Along for Some Great Fun

Island Hopping is a splendid way to enjoy your stay in Fiji.  Pack some sunblock, a few towels and your splashiest swim gear and get ready to head out beyond, where the blue sky meets blue water and white sands.

South Sea Cruises

South sea cruise is here to help you explore Fiji and take treasurable moments home with you. They provide trips around islands to show the beauty of Fiji Islands, with them you can subsume the glorious Mamanuca Islands of Castaway, Mana, Malolo, Treasure, and the South Sea Islands.

Blue Lagoon Cruises

Blue Lagoon Cruises are here to provide you with luxury lagoons, crystal-clear waters, and gleaming beaches where you can hop from one island to another which includes Yalobi Bay, Nanuya Lailai, Soso Bay, Drawaqa Island, Modriki Island, and Sacred Islands.

Nakelo Treasure Island

At Nakelo Treasure Island you can breathe in the beautiful flora and fauna. Have a personalized desert picnic as a romantic gesture for that special someone, or have it organized for your family because what’s better than being surrounded by blue sky and crystal-clear ocean.

Namotu Island Fishing Adventure

Fishing can be such an unraveling adventure in Fiji due to its lush islands and bountiful underwater ecosystem. Join in on the Namotu Islands Day trip for a satisfying fishing experience.

Make Friends in High Places

Here are some amazing fun-filled activities either for you or with family and friends. There are activities that leave you feeling rejuvenated or tired but in the best way possible.

Sabeto Hot Spring & Mud Pool

Sabeto Hot Spring & Mud Pool is a great way to enjoy nature you can get into this Mud Pool and let your skin heal with properties found within hot springs and mud pools.

It will leave you feeling rejuvenated.  

Sleeping Giant Zipline

It takes you for an adventure of your life, zip line your way through the flourishing green flora. You can also go through the Jungle Trek where you’ll fly over majestic rivers, and stunning waterfalls.

5 zips are varying from 80m to 160m, and the safety of the guests is their main priority. It’s an adventure that is set around a lush tropical rain forest.

Tours In Fiji

Guided hike through the breathtaking Nausori highlands? Well then book yourself a tour now with Tours in Fiji. You can hike through the scenic mountains that lead up to a wonderous waterfall.

Talanoa Treks

Feel more vividly connected to mother earth by trekking through Mount Tomaniivi (Mt Victoria). Enjoy the pristine forests, mesmerizing waterfalls, and incredible views.