Enhancing Hospitality Excellence: Nalagi Hotel's F&B Team Gains Insight at Wine Tasting Training

Nadi, 31st January 2024 – Nalagi Hotel’s Food & Beverage Department recently hosted an informative wine  training session at the Thyme Restaurant. The event was expertly facilitated by  Agnes Mongston, Sales Representative, and Joyce Kumari, Business Development Manager representing Tappoos Fiji Limted.

The primary objective of the training was to educate the F&B frontline staff of Nalagi Hotel on the gradations of two major red wines; Merlot and Shiraz; as well as the characteristics of the white wines: Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Additionally, participants were introduced to a Sparkling Wine variety, the Sparkling Brut NV. Beyond the tasting experience, attendees were given the opportunity to practice pronouncing the unique names of the wines, while also gaining insight into the historical and geographical aspects of winemaking.

Disilika Roko, a Food and Beverage Attendant, expressed her appreciation for the valuable training and the opportunity to learn from  professionals. She also noted that prior to the wine  training, the F&B staff had been gradually acquiring knowledge about wines under the guidance of their manager, Joeli Nabuka.

The training was well-attended, with approximately 15 members from F&B, Front Office, Housekeeping, Security, and the Marketing team. The session provided a valuable platform for knowledge enhancement and interactive learning.

Joeli, the F&B manager, has demonstrated a strong commitment to the ongoing professional development of the Nalagi F&B team, recognizing its direct impact on the hotel’s overall service and quality for its esteemed guests. Gratitude was extended to Agnes Mongston and Joyce Kumari for their role in delivering an enriching and insightful learning experience.